Do the Right Thing (AFI #96)

“Had enough time to get one of these in before heading to the theater this afternoon. As my Twitter status suggested, I went after the largest unwatched gap in the list. Now (except for the top ten) the biggest gap is 3 unwatched movies. Im thinking I’ll keep going at random until I acquire them all, then go in order with what’s left. That’s still a ways off though.

Anyways, Do the Right Thing. I’ll start off by saying that my nitpicks are just due to personal preference. The two things it had going against it for me: 1-not much of a continuous story, and we all know I like narrative. B-Im not exactly the target demo for this. So for those two reasons, it did loose me a bit here and there, which means that the amount to which I enjoyed it is less than what it should’ve been given the quality of the movie. Make sense?

There were some characters that I did like, the first one being Spike Lee’s character Mookie. Definitely the best choice to sorta lead the movie. Good balance between sweet and tough, and very sympathetic. Also loved Da Mayor played by Ossie Davis. Just love the irony how the voice of reason in many scenes was the drunk guy. Martin Lawrence also gets points for his debut performance. And John Turturro always kicks ass.

While this may not have been exactly my thing, I do completely get the point of the movie. The MLK quote at the end pretty much sums it up. And the climax of the movie was definitely intense. In particular, staying cryptic here to avoid spoilers, loved the way that Smiley concluded the scene.

One last thing I found noteworthy was how epic sounding the score was. Kind of an interesting choice, but it actually worked quite well. With such loud costumes and scenery, it makes sense I guess that the music match.”

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