Cabaret (AFI #63)

“One of the movies on the AFI list I was most excited to watch. I was in a production of Cabaret two and a half years ago (I was a Kit Kat Girl, Texas specifically) and at the request of the director we were expressly forbiddento watch the movie, and I never got around to it later. Seeing it now, I totally understand and agree with our director. Its so different.

The Cabaret numbers are mostly the same, but all of the other songs were taken out, or at best played as instrumental background music. The only song I was really sad about being left out was “”Dont Tell Mama””, not that I dont like “”Mein Herr”” but at least if I woulda gotten …Mama stuck in my head, I’d have known more than two words of the song. And the story got changed around so much. They did keep the big important emotional storyline (sssh spoiler…rhymes with smishmorshion) but other than that, it was virtually unrecognizable. Hell, Sally and Cliff, er Brian’s, nationalities were switched. Was particularly sad that we didnt have the Shultz/Schneider storyline although that was replaced by Fritz/Natalia. I couldnt really hear the dialogue, and the big disadvantage of the whole Amazon on demand thing is the lack of subtitles, so I really have not idea what was going on with that whole Maximillian storyline.

Was excited to see Joel Grey in this infamous role of his. Up ’til now, the only time I’d ever seen him was as Phil, the leader of the sexaholics anonymous meeting, in Choke. (Awesome movie which you should check out by the way. Couldnt find a video clip of his main scene, but its hi-\m/-larious) And I didnt even know that was him til I saw him present at the Oscars last year. Michael York caught me offguard. I knew the name was familiar and when I first saw him, I nearly yelled out “”Basil Expedition!”” (Austin Powers). I also know him as the antichrist character in The Omega Code, which was a pretty awful movie. It was trying to be Left Behind, but failed miserably. I digress.

And Liza, OMG, Liza. My goal in life is to be Liza Minnelli. If I can’t be her, then I’ll settle for Tina Fey, but really I wanna be Liza. She was so bright-eyed and bubbly, and I totally ge the fascination with her. Was sad that she didnt have as big of a breakdown during her last big number as I would have expected, but she was still fantastic in the role. Oscar trivia – her win for Cabaret makes her the only child of two Oscar winners to win one themselves. She’s also like the seventh person ever to win an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy.

Anyhoo, leaving for Texas tomorrow, provided that I dont get snowed in like last year. Hoping to get another AFI flick in before I go (late afternoon flight), and then we’ll see if I can swing any while Im there. Ill mostly be watching 24 with my Daddy.”

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