King Kong (AFI #41)

“I actually wanna start with some thoughts on the Golden Globe nominees that were announced today. Really happy with them in general. Im in favor of all the movies up for Best Picture and would be quite stoked if the Academy Awards list looks similar. The single nomination Im happiest about is Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for (500) Days of Summer. Not one I expected to see on there, and he’s been one of my faves for years. Also psyched about Tobey Maguire’s nod for Brothers and Woody Harrelson for The Messenger (although I woulda liked to see Ben Foster up there for The Messenger as well). Also amused that the animated film nominations match exactly with the stellar animated films I pointed out on Sun. I typically tend to agree more with what goes down at the Globes than the Oscars (and the Emmys for that matter) so very excited to see how it all turns out this time.

Quentin Tarantino gave his top ten for the year. Well, 8 actually cause he’s leaving room for tweaks and additions. While he and I agree on number one, I think the rest of our picks are a bit different. Im not gonna actually post my list until early Jan. For me, I define the year based on when I see movies not their actual release dates. Its all arbitrary anyways

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to whoever decided to start selling Funnel Cake Sticks at BK. Genius!

As far as King Kong (gonna likely keep this short cause Im sleepy and my tummy hurts) my biggest complaint is the very minimal plot. My biggest problem with the remake was that the action scenes went on for far too long. I had no idea that was the case with the original as well, although these were still significantly shorter. But with both I fell asleep during those scenes, and woke up feeling like I hadnt really missed anything. I was really excited as the movie started off, but from the point where Kong took

While I originally busted out laughing when I first saw Kong, the more screen time he got the more I liked him. I know that in the context of today’s technology he looks pretty silly, but back in the 30’s that was quite the acheivement, and in that context he’s brilliant. Was also amused by the dinosaurs.

Yeah I guess there really isnt much else to say there, huh?”

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