Some Like it Hot (AFI #22)

“So this it was I was actually intending to watch last night, before being pleasantly sidetracked by Titanic. From the opening funeral home/speak easy scene I knew I was going to love it. I have a sorta love/hate thing with farce. I \m/ love them until they get to the point of awkward, at which point I hate them. Some Like It Hot went right to the edge of that line, and it was brilliant. The dialogue was snappy, the characters were great, the twists and turns were just absurd enough without getting too outta hand.

This movie was also my first real introduction to Marilyn Monroe. She’d had a small role in All About Eve, but I didnt find out that was her until after. She was so charming and captivating, I know absolutely understand Hollywood’s fascination with her. What I couldnt get over, however, was her curvy full figure. I’d heard that she was a size 14, but I figured that somewhere along the way the size scale changed. Kinda sad that kinda thing is rarely ever considered sexy nowadays. The majority of today’s Hollywood starlets disappear when they turn sideways. As someone who’s not exactly on that stick figure end of the spectrum, watching Monroe mesmerize the guys in the movie was a bit of a self esteem boost.

Back to the whole farce thing, I’ve heard that the quick way to summarize a farce is a movie/show with a lot of doors. In this case it was more a lot of disguises, although there was a fantastic chase scene that involved lots of doors.

I’ve heard rumors that Lindsay Lohan wants to remake this movie with her in the Monroe role. I hope to God that never \m/ happens. This movie is close to perfect as it is, and would lose so much of its charm if it were updated.”

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