“Yep, not my usual flick, but I couldnt resist the cast. Sam Rockwell has been one of my absolute faves since Choke (also, I dare you to see The Green Mile and not think he’s awesome), pretty much to the point where I’ll see him in just about anything. Hell, I even saw G-Force this summer and all he did was voice a guinea pig. Dont know that I’d follow him to a rom-com but most everything else should be fair game. Have nothing but mad respect for Robert DeNiro. And like I said about Sandra Bullock yesterday, I also love Drew Barrymore but rarely get to see her because of her affinity for girly films.

I’d only caught the trailer once, but between that and the smiling happy poster with the X-mas tree in the background, I expected it to be your typical warm fuzzy family fodder. Boy was I wrong. About 90% of it was \m/ depressing. DeNiro’s character was such a sad little man, I just felt so bad for him as he kept on getting blown off by offspring after offspring. Also, while I’d never actually admit this to the ‘rents (even though there’s a non-zero chance my dad is reading this…Hi Daddy) Ive actually been getting a bit homesick lately, and this movie totally set me over the edge. If I wasnt less than two weeks away from going home for Christmas, I dont know if I coulda gotten thru that flick.

But yes, the cast was as good as I expected. DeNiro was totally sympathetic and carried the movie quite well (as if there was any doubt). Didnt like Kate Beckinsale, but moreso I think it was that I just didnt like her character. She was quite the bitch, and I think she treated her dad the worst outta the kids. Loved Sam Rockwell (duh) but coulda definitely used more of him. Really impressed with Drew Barrymore. She ended up being my fave from the kids, especially because her scenes were the lightest out of this blind sidingly heavy film.

Well I’ve got cats crying for dinner. As previously mentioned, Im taking most of the week (or however long it takes) off from movie watching so I can go thru Lost season 5 this week. Thats the only show thats made me be known to hurt people for giving away spoilers. Anything else, I dont so much care.

Everybody’s Fine – \m/ \m/ \m/

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