Treasure of the Sierra Madre (AFI #38)

“I’d hoped to get in two AFI movies tonight, but ended up crashing part way through this one, with a kitty on each side of me. As cute as that must’ve been, it really disrupted the flow of the flick. I took this opportunity to try out Amazon on Demand thru my Blu-Ray player instead of having to watch on my computer. Yay technology.

I was actually a bit spoilt for this one because of an episode of Bones I saw the other day. Bones and Booth were discussing something, and this movie came up, and Bones gives away the ending. Although, I think Booth actually meant to bring up Maltese Falcon, not Tresure… but thats beside the point.

The biggest thing that caught me off guard on this one, after having seen Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon, is how evil he ends up getting. Apparently Bogie’s known for both villains and heroes, but for me that turn came outta nowhere. He played it quite well though. The other thing that was kinda off for me is that Walter Huston won an Oscar for his role as Howard. I found him very annoying.

Similarly to Falcon, the title, little bit of plot I knew, and movie poster made me think there would be much more adventure in this. I guess there kinda was eventually, but it wasnt the Indianna Jones-esque movie I’d expected.

Also, the Mexicans annoyed me. Little too much of an unfavorable reminder of home. Is there supposed to be that much Spanish without subtitles? Or was my digital rental flawed? Didnt really matter to me, cause I can understand Spanish. Just seemed odd.

Kinda cool to finally get the context for the infamous “”stinking badges”” line. And the bad movie it reminds me of? Meet The Deedles. When the boys get their park ranger badges, they (in unison) cheer “”Alright, stinkin’ badges””. It finally makes sense. Oh and dont bother with Meet The Deedles unless you’re done with all your brain cells.

Im jonesing for a pre-bedtime snack and Im sure the kitties are starved as well, so I suppose that does it for now. This is likely to be the last AFI movie until the weekend. Planning to go see Everybody’s Fine tomorrow (heart Sam Rockwell!) and then Lost season 5 is out on Tuesday, and i know I wont wanna watch anything else until I tear thru that.”

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