The Blind Side

“I have gotten waaaay too comfortable with going to the Fenway. I must seriously seem like a crazy person. Today I walked in wearing big black snowboots, blue pj’s with polar bears on them, a slightly too big brown (instead of my usual black) shirt that says “”I wish I knew how to quit you””, and oversize gray and pink sweatshirt that I sleep in but rarely wear outta the apt cause its ugly, and my big army green coat. Its one of those laundry day type outfits. And while yes, today is laundry day and I did wear that same ensemble to the laundromat around the corner, I woulda worn the same outfit if it was a non-laundry Sunday. Found my seat, pulled off the boots, yup my socks didnt match, put my feet on the seat in front me and then pulled out a lemon flavored Sour Patch Kids candy cane that I’d snuck in (Im a rebel, I know). Sometimes Im surprised they let me in that place.

I’d put The Blind Side a bit low on my priority list, as you can prolly guess by the fact that the movie’s been out a few weeks and Im just now getting to it. It seemed like that type of sappy, feel good family movie that always comes out around the holidays that I usually prefer to ignore. However, there was something about Sandra Bullock and her character Leigh Anne that just drew me to it. Leigh Anne is the type of person that if she wants you to do something, well goddammit you better \m/ do it, and Bullock as Leigh Anne wanted me to go see this movie. So I did.

I do love Sandra Bullock, but her tendancy to do chick flicks means that I dont often see her films. She was just such a strong woman and completely sure of herself. There’s talk that this may finally be Sandy’s chance at an Oscar nod, and I wholeheartedly agree with that.

But Leigh Anne was just one of many fantastic characters. The first I fell in love with was her (bio) son, SJ, played by Jae Head. That sweet little kid was just so energetic and full of life, and his joy was contageous. Not sure how I feel about Tim McGraw as an actor in principle, but he def held his own against that strong independant woman. Quinton Aaron was also mesmerizing as Michael Oher. He played the role with such heart, that you had to pull for him through the whole thing.

Story wise, it was a bit on the long side. Almost knocked off half a point for that, but it really did hold me through pretty much the whole thing. Though it kinda felt like two separate movies. First half is family accepting the outsider kid. Second half is kind of a Mighty Ducks story focusing on one player. But the whole thing was just so powerful, and there was something incredibly moving about the real family pictures that were shown during the credits.

Pop culture side note, I totally didnt realize whenever they were talking about Lawrence Taylor and the impact he had on the NFL that its the same LT that was on DWTS last season. Kinda glad I didnt catch that, cause I prolly woulda been giggling too much about it.

Hafta run and grab my laundry, but if you are the type that likes those sweet family movies this time of year, The Blind Side is a pretty good choice

The Blind Side – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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