“””Does anyone here have a blog? Dont answer that, cause I’m about to shit all over it. I think that all blog entries can be summed up in one sentance ‘Somebody please call me to hang out’ “” – Bob Saget, last night at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. That feels sadly accurate.

Watching the trailer for Brothers the first time, my thoughts went something like this “”Yay Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire…I’d see that…nah, its getting kinda sappy…WTF?!…Can I see this now?!”” I will admit that I was starting to get a bit annoyed with how often I saw the trailer after that, but it didnt make me wanna watch the movie any less. Musta been the pretty boy eye candy.

So I finally got to see it today. Did I enjoy it? Um, yeah! And not just because of the aforementioned pretty boy eye candy. The characters were great. As cheesey as this sounds, I actually felt like I wanted to be a part of their family, which wouldnt have happened if it wasn’t so well cast. I’ve adored Jake Gyllenhaal since the first time I saw Donnie Darko. I left Brothers on such a high Jake kick that I now got Blu-Ray Donnie Darko playing in the background as I write this. I’d also forgotten how good Natalie Portman can be. I can’t quite figure out why I usually dont think much of her when I hear her name. Musta been the whole SW prequels thing. But she’s actually really good, and she fit this role quite well despite my initial doubts.

By far, the best on the acting side, was Tobey Maguire. Between the first half and the second half of the movie, his character went thru such a \m/ huge transformation, and I completely and utterly believed both sides of him. I was in love with him during the first half, and terrified of him during the second.

On another note, does Clifton Collins Jr hafta be in every movie this year? Seriously, that’s like the 6th one. I dont have any problem with him, its just weird that he shows up so often. Points for Ethan Suplee showing up. Also loved the older of the two little girls, played by Bailee Madison. Such an intense role for such a young thing, but she did beautifully. As Abigail Breslin and Dakota Fanning have grown up a bit, maybe she’ll be the next cute little girl actress that everyone loves? I hope not, for her sake.

Guess there isnt really much else to say. I’ve noticed that the more often I write, the less clever I am, which makes me a sad panda. Isnt practice supposta make perfect? Anyways, decided to skip today’s AFI plans (I coulda squeezed in two if I really tried) in favor of knocking down my newly acquired movies queue. Then heading over to LSC for The Hurt Locker tonight, although there’s a non-zero chance that write up will hafta wait til tomorrow.

Brothers – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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