A Clockwork Orange (AFI #70)

“Today’s method of picking a movie: find the largest gap on the list and grab a DVD from there. The biggest gap I found (not counting the intentionally skipped top ten, of course) was between #64 Network and #71 Saving Private Ryan. Okay so picking #70 didnt exactly split the gap like I intended, but I’ve been really stoked to viddy this movie.

My single favorite element of the movie has to be the language. I’ve mentioned before how Im very dialogue driven. And I particularly love clever dialogue and slang (which is why I adore Joss Whedon and Diablo Cody). I keep on trying to figure out how to fit Orange words into my vocab, oh my readers. I’d seriously love to govoreet like that, and I rather like being able to slooshy such choodessny slovo from that moodge’s goloss.

I read the book about a year and a half ago and loved it as well. The slovo was tough to pony at first (makes you feel quite gloopy), but once you got into the flow of it, it wasn’t too hard on the mozg to figure out. It actually felt like quite the accomplishment getting to the end of it. Such a zammerchat book.

It shouldnt come as a big shock that this flick is a fave of mine. Im kinda known for liking effed up movies. My favorite scene has to be the “”Singing in the Rain”” bit. I like it almost as much as the “”Stuck in the Middle”” scene in Reservoir Dogs, for similar messed up reasons, though Orange had less kroovy and guttiwuts. Although half of what makes the …Rain scene so special is that it was improved, which supports my theory that brilliance comes from collaboration. Its so intense, Im never sure whether Im gonna smeck or get bolnoy when I viddy it.

Totally love Malcom McDowell in this film as well. The expressions that chelloveck prods on his litso are priceless. And Stanley Kubrick one oomny director. That makes dva movies of his I’ve viddied so far for the AFI project, and they wont be the last. I also love the way that he uses classical music. I was trying to recall in what recently watched film I slooshied some veshch similar, realized it was his 2001. My world made sense for a whole tree minootas.

I hope this entry wasnt total chepooka to you, oh my readers. I just messeled that this would be a fun change of pace. But its a malenky bit hard rabbit to write this way, so I think its time for me to itty.

Horrorshow nochy, my droogs. Off to spatchka.”

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