The Twilight Saga: New Moon

“What? I waited a week and a half to go see a vampire movie? Um, yeah I wanted to avoid the Twi-hards. Although as I was entering the auditorium, the girl in front of me was squealing. I quickly ran in ahead of her to supress the desire to punch her.

Clarification: where do I stand in the whole Twilight madness? No secret that I love vamps. For \m/ sake my cats are Lestat and Nosferatu. (If you pay really close attention to the background of the photo, you’ll see Robert Pattison, half of a True Blood ad, and 2/3 of David Boreanaz) I saw the first Twilight movie in the theater. Halfway paid attention to it when I got it on DVD and slept thru half of another DVD viewing. I do enjoy the movies and plan on reading the books at some point, that point being once I stop secretly making fun of everyone I see on T reading it. There’s also a high probability that timing will coincide with all the movies being release. In other words, def not a Twi-Hard. A bit of a Fangbanger (those True Blood novels are quite addicting) but ultimately my vamp loyalties lie in the Buffyverse, given that Angel was the first one to bring me over. I guess you could consider him my sire. However, Lestat (as in Anne Rice’s character, not necessarily my cat) is my number one. While Tom Cruise (Interview With the Vampire) had the attitude and Stewart Townsend (Queen of the Damned) had the look, the best portrayal, according to me of course, is Hugh Panero who played Lestat on broadway. Supposedly Anne Rice even went up to him and said that he just was Lestat.

Starting to digress. Twilight. Yes. Moderate fan. Team Edward vs Team Jacob? I’ll take the same type of stance I usually do when it comes to politics: I dont feel informed enough to make a decision, but I find that both have merits and drawbacks. I think Jacob treats her better, but Edward is more devoted…and more smoldering.

All this and I still haven’t even talked about the movie? Yeah I’ve found my posts tend to be far more personal than anything else. Deal with it.

As much as I want to avoid doing the comparison type of review (Twilight vs New Moon) its inevitable. Overall, I enjoyed New Moon far more. While both kept on repeating the same thing over and over–“”I love you”” “”We can’t be together”” “”\m/ that”” “”Okay””–at least this time I didnt find myself sitting there going “”Conflict? Cooonflict? Where’s the conflict? Conflict, please? Conflict! Oh there it is, and the movie’s over””.

I also understand the whole Robsession thing. Edward Cullen is written as such a “”perfect”” character. I found myself holding my breath whenever he was on screen, and part of me wanted to cry with Bella when he left her. But if it weren’t for vamps and werewolves in the story, there’s no way I would have ever bothered with it. Its teen melodrama–Dawson’s creek set in Forks Washington. Not that I have anything against Dawson. I was quite addicted to that in junior high. So yeah, some flaws in the story, but I expected that going in.

Was happy about the new additions to the cast. Enjoyed Michael Sheen’s performance and could see how much fun he was having. And I much prefer Dakota Fanning all growed up over the precocious child actress. There’s a reason Abigail Breslin was the one who managed an Oscar nod. Anyways, thought she was an interesting casting choice, that ended up working quite well.

Prolly the biggest complaint I have is the BAD cgi. It wasnt the sparkly vampire thing. I could handle that. Well, Im not sure how I feel about it as a concept, but it looked fine. It was the poorly done heightened senses and abilities effects (ie, the pizza catch) and the cheap werewolves.

Anyways, mostly positive experience overall, but I can’t understand how these movies managed to stretch out to over two hours. Surely that wasnt all necessary? And odds are that tonight, I will likely be dreaming of Edward Cullen

The Twilight Saga: New Moon – \m/ \m/ \m/

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