All About Eve (AFI #28)

“This is gonna be a kinda hurried entry. Aiming to catch Twilight at 7:30. Its 6:56 now. On a related note, I love living two blocks from my favorite theater.

Was a bit apprehensive going into All About Eve. I’d only picked it cause it was in the same box set as Sunrise, and I figured getting that big box set outta the movie queue would make it feel a lot smaller. As it turns out, it only took one line of dialogue (well, kinda long line, but still) to hook me: “”The Sarah Siddons Award for Distinguished Achievement is perhaps unknown to you. It has been spared the sensational and commercial publicity that attends such questionable “”honors”” as the Pulitzer Prize and those awards presented annually by the film society… The distinguished looking gentleman is an extremely old actor. Being an actor – he will go on speaking for some time. It is not important what you hear what he says.””

Irony about the mention of “”those awards presented annually by the film society””, is that Eve is one of two movies to ever reach 14 nods. Yes it won best picture.

Yeah, so loved the dialogue. Loved the actresses. Felt a bit lengthy though. I’d consciously decided to only watch part of it last night and finish it tonight, and that break definitely affected the momentum for me.

Also took a personal interest in it because of the whole theater thing. I’d actually just that day been thinking that at this point, I have two options as far as theater which used to be a big part of my life. I can either buck up and find a new group, or accept the fact that Im now just a movie person instead of a theater and movie person. Not sure if the movie was supposta be a sign for me to go one way or the other, but still found it interesting that it was the movie for that day.

Obligatory pop culture reference. Whenever I hear the title “”All About Eve””, I think about Inside Schwartz. It was a really short lived (6 episodes maybe) sitcom staring Breckin Meyer (love him…Travis from Clueless, also pairs with Seth Green often). It was about a sportscaster who’d just lost his girl, and imaginary sportscasters would often pop up in scenes. I know, Im not explaining well. Anyways, his ex was named Eve, and there was this whole episode about how he had an, um, adult tape of them and he couldnt find it. He’d labeled it “”All About Eve”” and hidden it in his movie collection, assuming no one would ever touch it. And of course some one else ended up borrowing it, and shennannigans ensued.

I know, not much content as far as the movie itself, but I gotta run…”