The Fantastic Mr Fox

“While I didnt set a very high priority on this movie at first from the trailers, the increasingly good buzz it was receiving upped it on the list. Im not really a fan of Wes Anderson. I generally dont get his work. Fantastic Mr Fox, however, was in such a completely different direction, and I absolutely loved it. Seriously, can he direct more childrens’ stories, please?

For me, the best part was the dialogue. So silly and unexpected, it even had me laughing way loud several times. I especially loved the way they used the word “”cuss”” in the same way I use \m/ on this blog (clustercuss had to be my favorite one of those). And it had that perfect balance of kiddie humor and grown-up jokes that make a good (mostly) kiddie movie. There were times when I could hear the little kids having giggling fits, and other times when it was the “”big kids”” laughing hysterically. At the end credits, I def heard a little kid behind me clapping so enthusiastically for the movie, which made me smile.

Fantastic cast as well. It amazes me that even as a stop-motion animated Fox, George Clooney is still incredibly \m/ dashing and debonair. Such a perfect casting choice. I also have nothing but the utmost respect for Meryl Streep, who is prolly my fave actress based solely on talent. I just love the fact that she balances Oscar bait films with fun ones like this. However, the show stealer for me this time around was Jason Schwartzman. He made Ash the character I was always watching for, and his dead-plan line delivery was perfect for the awkward little fox.

I was also particularly impressed with the animation. I’ve gotten so tired of computer animation (number one reason why Im psyched for Princess and the Frog), that it was (to use a dull cliche) “”a breath of fresh air”” to go to a kiddie movie that was a different style (not to mention one that also wasnt entirely mindless). And its also one of the few children’s stories I’ve been to lately that weren’t 3-D and who’s main selling point wasn’t 3-D animation. I \m/ 3-D movies, but they’re starting to get a little overdone.

Gonna wrap this up, cause Im getting quite hungry, but I loved and would recommend it.

The Fantastic Mr Fox – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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