Goodfellas (AFI #92)

“Why the \m/ hadn’t I ever seen this one before? It was so \m/ good! Last night, I was torn about which movie to watch. After a depressing double feature of The Messenger and The Road, I kinda wanted something fun, so I almost went with Some Like It Hot. But I’d also been jonesing to watch something on Blu-Ray, and since this was the first AFI movie I’d gotten on Blu-Ray (yay Black Friday) it was my only option there. I figured Saturday night is a good time for long movies, even though there was a high probability of me falling asleep (yes that happened). But OMG it was such a good choice.

The movie was a lot lighter than I imagined. Well, I guess light isnt really the right word cause it wasnt actually light, but it had a lot of humor balanced with the gangster stuff. Within the first few minutes, I knew I’d made the right choice for the night.

The story was great, the cast was great (even if I couldnt keep track of some of the characters). I’d never before gotten why Ray Liotta was so special, but now I fully understand. Absolutely adored him in this movie. Was also great to see Joe Pesci in his Academy Award winning role, so he’s now more than just Harry from Home Alone to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with him in Home Alone. Bobby De Niro rocked as per usual.

Its also further proof of Martin Scorsese being a movie god. Wonderful job with the film, and I love how much he allowed the actors to improv. If you read the IMDB trivia for the film, you’ll find that a lot of classic scenes were minimally scripted.

Overall, this movie is a big win, and I think its been my favorite AFI movie I’d never previously seen.”

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