The Road

“I forgot how much I hate the Loews Boston Common sometimes. That was the theater I first started going to in Boston. But then once I discovered the Regal Fenway, I never looked back. I try to avoid the Common as much as I can, but lately I’d been a bit more open to it. After today though, I intend to avoid it like the plague unless there really isnt anywhere else to see something on my must list.

First off, they dont do matinee prices on Saturdays. Thats just not cool. And Im always on edge when I get my tickets at the kiosk, cause if the machine doesnt read your rewards card right, it just keeps going without it. But since I dont like talking to people, and the box office people have been known to be rude, I still go with that. Then I noticed that the price of their chicken tenders combo has gone up to 14.75, which is redonkulous, but I was hungry. When I finally got it, it was smaller than the previous time when I got one big container full of fries and another for the chicken. This time it was smushed into one. I complained at the guy, telling him I got more last time, and he had a total screw you attitude. I sorta barked at him saying it wasnt worth $14, and he didnt give a \m/ Then I get to the auditorium, and its one of the small ones (weird for a highly anticpated if not mass marketed movie that just opened and is playing at only one other theater in the city) so of course its nearly at capacity when I walk in 10 min early. I ended up sitting the front, where the floor was sticky. I’d just situated myself with all my stuff, and then I hafta move it all for someone who wants the seat next to me. He just sorta walked to it, and stood directly in front of me in the tiny aisle while I had to readjust. Couldnt he have said something before walking into the aisle? Needless to say, I was in quite the pissy mood when the movie began. I seriously shoulda just stayed at the Kendall, but there aren’t very good food options for doubling over there.

The other thing that was kinda off is that Tenacious D has a completely unrelated song called “”The Road”” that kept getting stuck in my head at the most inappropriate times of the film.

As far as the movie itself, similar feelings to my earlier feature, in that it was compelling and depressing. There wasn’t a lot going on, but it was still captivating. I think one of the main reasons for that was the boy, played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. That bright eyed, innocent young thing was the heart and soul of an otherwise bleak film. I just absolutely adored him.

Love Viggo Mortensen, and I totally believed everything about his character. I felt that he was a good man, but I also recognized that he really would stop at nothing to help his boy.

There was a lot that felt sorta unanswered for me. I was curious to know what caused the whole apocalypse thing. I know it wasnt the point, which is why it was never revealed, but that was bothering me. Dont wanna give away spoilers, but the ending was a bit unfulfilling for me. But I will say that I was practically crying at the end. There’s one type of story that will get me fighting back tears, and they hit it.

Kinda tough to find more to say about it, because it was such a stripped down movie. Definitely good, just not necessarily something I’d wanna watch over and over.

The Road – \m/ \m/ \m/

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