To Kill a Mockingbird (AFI #25)

“Happy Slapsgiving, er I mean Tofurkey Day, um Thanksgiving! Managed to get a movie in before turkey-ing. The tentative Xmas Carol IMAX trip didnt end up happening, but there was a rather enjoyable watching of Fanboys. But thats not the important one (for purposes of this blog at least)

Most of us prolly read To Kill a Mockingbird in some point in junior high and high school. Along with The Outsiders and Animal Farm, its one of the few required readings I remember enjoying, or at least ones that come to mind easily. We saw the movie in class and I loved it then too. Im actually thinking I should pick up a copy at Border’s tomorrow, give it another read. And this time I wont have any essays to write on it.

The characters are just so compelling. Its no surprise that Atticus Finch has the number one spot on another AFI list–top screen heroes. He’s just so smart and compassionate and fair and loving that you cant help but admire him. And Gregory Peck portrays him perfectly. No wonder he wont that Oscar. Also adore the tough little tomboy Scout–another one of the best characters ever written.

AFI also ranks this as the number one courtroom drama, for good reason. The courtroom scene is fantastic, and such a great and fascinating story that really gets you thinking. I usually do a lot of fidgeting and pausing when Im watching a flick at home, but I hardly left my seat (or more acurately, lying down spot).

There isnt really much else to say. Again, most of ya’ll are prolly familiar enough with the story to know what Im talking about.

And on that note, Im off to plan my shopping tomorrow *evil grin*”

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