2001: A Space Odyssey (AFI #15)

“This entry is likely to be on the short side for two reasons:
1-My wrist has been acting up, and its hard to type with a brace on
B-I have a purring kitty resting on top of me, and the alternative if I disturb him is that he’ll be walking across the keyboard. And yes, death glares are comin’ from the other kitty as expected.

I was excited to see this movie. I really wanted to love it. But I just didnt get it. I understand that this is one of those that you hafta watch a bunch of times. However, to be honest, I dont know how gung-ho I am about that idea. I’ve said this multiple times before on this blog, I like narratives. I want to be told a story. There wasnt much of that going on here.

Yes, the visual was \m/ stunning. I like being able to watch a movie and try to guess how effects were done, and not having the answer to that question default to “”CGI””. And I’ve only had the uber tv for a week, but I’ve already noticed that poorly done effects look kinda silly on it. There was no silly-ness here. And the visual gags were my fave part of the whole thing. Especially in the first space sequence, I just loved all the imaginitive gadgets. The pretty effects with the pretty classical music was another good touch as well.

Something else that didnt quite work for me personally was the lack of dialogue. I completely understand the point behind that (no sound in space), but thats another surefire way to lose my attention. I guess I might’ve been a bit more into it if I had gotten it all in one sitting. I sorta fell asleep part way thru on Sat and didnt have time until today to finish it. C’est la vie.

Anyways, as mentioned on Twitter the next thing on tonight’s agenda is to Hulu Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosting SNL. Yup, slept right thru that too. Haven’t actually watched an ep of SNL in a while, but I’ve absolutely loved that boy since he was on 3rd Rock From the Sun…Aaaand break.”

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