The Best Years of Our Lives (AFI #37)

“Gonna try to type out these next two entries with a kitty who likes walking on the keyboard. He seems particularly fond of the help key.

I was trying to come up with whatever excuses I could to push off Best Years Of Our Lives. At a glance, it didnt seem to have much going for it in my book–really old, post war drama, 3 hours long. But the fates kept pushing for it. It was in the middle of the biggest gap in the list, other than the top (I should get one of the 10-15’s in soon). Weekends are good for the long movies, especially given that I was planning to start at 6. And the DVD was hanging out in the stack. I was gonna hafta get to it eventually so I put it on. I was quite pleansantly surprised.

The movie’s about 3 war vets (WWII I think) who meet on the flight back to their home town. And it follows them as they adjust to their new life. Yeah, it didnt sound that interesting to me either. But those three characters (and the rest of ’em really) were just fascinating. And their stories were so gripping.

My favorite of the three was Homer played by Harold Russell. He actually won two Oscars for the role–best supporting actor and a special Oscar for being an inspiration to war vets–the only person to ever get two for one role. He’s an actual double amputee, who lost his arms in an accident while training paratroopers. They rewrote the role especially for him. Originally his character was supposed to have had some type of PTSD. He was just fabulous and I absolutely fell in love with him.

I’d actually started this one last night, but there were some distractions (not entirely kitty related this time) that kept me from finishing it. At some point after I’d started it, I realized I hadnt checked Best Buy’s sales this week and found a _really_ good deal on an HDTV and Blu-Ray player. So I ended up calling home to discuss with my Daddy. And this morning I went to Best Buy and bought them. The tv is being delivered on Wed. Im excited.

Finding a chance to finish the movie was a bit of a predicament. I had plans for this evening, and didnt wanna hafta wait til Tuesday. I was working from home today, which usually results in me putting on a movie for background entertainment. Even though I knew I wouldnt be able to catch everything this way, I just had to know how it ended so I watched while I was working. Not the best option, but I really didnt feel like being patient.”

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