The Wild Bunch (AFI #79)

“Its kinda unfair to this movie that it got picked for today. I could not pay attention at all. Reason? New Kitty. Yup, the cat hunt saga finally came to an end this morning. Nosferatu Sylar is six months and the sweetest little thing ever. I just hope it doesnt take Lestat too long to make friends with him.

I really dont have any comments on the movie itself. I kept on having to stop and restart due to kittyness (and laundry). What I should do is rewatch it later. But given that I dont particularly go for westerns, Im not sure that I’d end up paying more attention to it anyway. And even when I was able to sit thru a good chunk of it, it wasnt quite grabbing me.

So, Wild Bunch, I am sorry, but you have been defeated by an itteh bitteh kitteh.”

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