The Men Who Stare At Goats

“New release Tuesday at Best Buy! Stopped there on my way home. Bought my first Blu-Ray: Up. No haven’t upgraded my system yet, but Disney does that combo pack thing where they give you a DVD and BluRay disc. Figured since I should hopefully be getting that hook up in a little over two weeks, it was worth buying that now. And Bones is on sale. Just got season one. I expect to lose focus on the AFI project as I try to get in episodes of Bones in between.

Enough of that. Tonight’s movie, The Men Who Stare At Goats. I went in there with zero expectations. Entertainment Weekly gave it an F (I just read the review and theyre just being whiney). This weekend it had been in the big auditorium, but tonight they moved it to a little one. And I dont typically put a lot of trust into George Clooney’s movie choices. At least for me, they’re very hit or miss. All of that equalled not such the best outlook. But we all know what happens when you go into a movie with zero expectations–I actually kinda enjoyed it.

The main comment I’ve got is WTF?! Every other minute, there was another WTF moment. Kinda felt like a Coen bro’s movie. But I was chuckling at every one of those WTF’s–as was everyone else in the overcrowded tiny theater. And there was one moment that got every last guy in the audience to groan out loud with sympathy pain. That amused me.

Most of the film didnt make sense, but I went along for the ride. Well I guess its not necessarily that it wasn’t sensical, more that it was just over the top absurd. However, I felt that our main guys, Ewan McGregor and George Clooney had enough charisma to pull it through. Was also very amused by all the “”you can be a Jedi like one of us”” talk at Ewan, who as well all know played Obi-Wan in the Star Wars prequels. That got a smile outta me every time.

Props to the supporting cast as well. Kevin Spacey was a total scene stealer, and I love him for it. Also wanna point out Glen Morshower, who plays Aaron on 24. Aaron is the only character other than Jack Bauer to be in every season, and he’s one of my faves. Wasn’t particularly special in Goats, it just made me happy to see him.

Yeah, so totally didnt deserve the F that EW gave it. This is why I get upset at movie critics, and why Im scared about being an amateur one. One person’s opinion shouldnt determine the fate of a movie.

The Men Who Stare At Goats – \m/ \m/ \m/

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