North By Northwest (AFI #55)

“Can’t quite figure out what to say ’bout this one. It started off really intriguing. I was so ready to get caught up in the mystery and suspense. But then after a while, I just didnt care anymore. I think the problem (my own fault) was that I expected it to take a particular turn, and then it didnt. Reason for that is that the movie is referenced in Lucky Number Slevin, one of my absolute faves, and they compare Cary Grant’s predicament to Josh Hartnett’s. I guess I sorta assumed they’d end up following the same route. Not the case. Sorry, being cryptic to avoid spoilers on both ends.

To me, this felt a lot more like a James Bond movie than a Hitchcock. I know I dont know enough about either to be any sorta expert, but it sorta threw me off balance. Really dont have too much else to comment on it.

Update on the movie aquisition. I went by the Newbury Comics on Newbury and picked up a handful of movies. I found it weird that I could hardly find any of the AFI movies in their feature film section. Nearly gave up, and then I noticed there was a tiny section called “”Classics”” that had most of the movies I was missing. I’ll need to check the Fanueil Hall Newbury to see if they have a similar section I’ve missed, even though I’ve found a lot of them there already. Couldnt resist buying Streetcar, even though I’d already rented and watched it for this blog. The price was too good to pass up seeing the “”Hey Stella!”” scene again. My order still hasnt come in, and Im starting to get concerned. Its been two weeks, and the status just says Confirmed, not shipped or anything. The site wont let me complain about missing items til next week. I hope they’re just slow. I should prolly try and get another order in soon. Although, I am more than halfway through acquiring movies. Nearly 3/4 of the way if you count all the Amazon rentals still available. Just wanna get as much of them bought before I start spending too much on Christmas presents this year.

Anyways, I’d planned to get two movies in tonight, but ended up falling asleep for two hours. Had especially hoped to get one of the 3 hour ones outta the way cause I thought I’d have this huge free evening. Funny how a nap can really cut into that. Think I’ll start #50 – Lord of the Rings: The fellowship of the Ring and hopefully if I do crash, I’ll wake up early enough to finish it off in the morning before running to the matinee of Side Show. Besides, this is one of the movies on the list that I know best, so its okay if I end up watching a chunk of it in a sleepy stupor.”

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