Platoon (AFI #86)

“I actually bought this movie a while back. There was an episode of Entourage where some movie mogul said that his daughter was the one with the real eye for talent. She was about 8 when she saw Platoon and pointed out Johnny Depp to her daddy saying that he was the one to watch out for. Being on a Johnny Depp kick at the time, I picked it up. Tried watching it once, but couldnt get into it. Couldnt really get into it today either.

There wasnt much narrative to it, it was mostly montages of war scenes. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, I just like to be told a story. I also dont typically care for war films (Private Ryan being an exception). Example: I absolutely \m/ love the first half of Full Metal Jacket (which came out around when Platoon did). But once they get to ‘Nam it loses me. Now, there were some outside factors involved in why I didnt quite groove with the movie. If you remember, a few weeks ago I had this big saga with trying to get a second cat and then it didnt happen. Today I emailed the shelter I got Lestat from, and right after I started the movie got a response. There was some on and off phone calling about that. The good news is I should be meeting some potential kitties next week. So understandable that I had other things on my mind during this film.

What I did like was the cast. Mostly, I was just amused by how young they all look. There’s some killer cast people in this: Willem Dafoe, Forrest Whitaker, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Dillon. This was the first time I actually noticed the family resemblance between Charlie Sheen and his bro Emilio Estevez. Kinda got me giggling. Then Kevin Dillon gave a line, and my first thought was that it was Matt Dillon. At which point I put two and two together for the first time and realized they’re bros (IMDB confirmed it). Kevin was def my favorite in this movie. Some of it was amusement at seeing a much younger Johnny Drama on screen. But I was just drawn to his character.

Gonna try to get some time in with my guitar to clear my head before attacking a third today.”

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