On the Waterfront (AFI #19)

“Trying to squeeze in another AFI movie today wasnt such the best idea. I was fighting to stay awake. I prolly coulda really gotten into this movie otherwise. Needless to say, this write up is likely to be short.

So I was on a bit of a Brando kick after watching Streetcar this morning, which is why I chose the movie that won him his first Oscar. As expected, he was fan-\m/-tastic, but I think I prefer his Streetcar role.

Noticed a few other actors from this week’s AFI films. Karl Malden, won did win an Oscar for Streetcar, was in this as well as two jurors from 12 Angry Men. Also noteworthy, this is Eva Marie Saint’s film debut.

‘Member how I was saying one of the cool things about this project is hearing classic quotes in context? On the Waterfront gave us “”I coulda been a contender””. Did not expect that. For some reason, I’d always assumed that was from Rocky. I feel educated now. And sleepy. Bed time.”

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