12 Angry Men (AFI #87)

“I think I’ve finally figured out the most comfortable setup for watching movies on my laptop. Tonight, I piled up the big blankets into a little mountain. Topped it with a strategically placed pillow. Snuggled up into the little fleece blanket. Placed the laptop in enough to leave me with leg stretching room. Then called the kitty over to cuddle while watching. (Here she is!). I was so comfy I didnt move, and even my computer kept trying to fall asleep.

Maybe part of the reason I was pratically immobilized is that I was completely absorbed by the film. I’d seen a stage production back home, so I already knew how it was gonna go down. But still I was captivated. All the characters and performances felt so real. I found myself IMDB-ing all of the actors, trying to find where I knew them from. Turns out, I didnt actually know any of ’em, they just had a \m/ belivable “”everyman”” quality, which makes quite a statement for this film.

Found some interesting trivia on this one too. Something I hadnt actually noticed until it was pointed out, early on the film starts out with a lot of wide angle shots. They get moved in closer and closer over the course of the film to create a claustrophobic feeling. Very effective. Also, a lot of the stuff the jurors do while deliberating (namely getting the extra knife and reenacting the guy shuffling in his apartment) is apparently referred to as “”jury experiments”” and can be grounds for mistrial. Huh.

I feel like I should be writing more about the film, but it was so pared down (which was one of its best qualities) that I cant think of much else. Also, Lestat is yelling at me for dinner, so I should go fix that. Anyways, the goal for this week is to get to 20 by the end of Sunday. This one puts me at 13. I have a plan/schedule. I just need to stick to it.”

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