In the Heat of the Night (AFI #75)

“Tonight prolly wasn’t a good night to watch one of these. Waaay too much going on in my head for me to focus. Silly things like waiting for the DWTS results show (go team Chito!) and excitement for tomorrow (oh yeah, haven’t mentioned it here yet, but I won a private screening of Vampire’s Assistant). I just could not get into it at all. I really did consider skipping the flick and getting in a few more eps of Sarah Connor Chronicles, but last week I was really antsy and it didnt hold my attention enough.

Anyways, didnt really care too much for this one. Besides those previously mentioned outside influences, the movie just felt too slow. I get that the racial issues are the main point of it, but it was the murder mystery that I was more interested. But that point kinda took a backseat to the prejudice thing, so it appeared as though there wasn’t much happening. Also having just seen Chinatown this weekend, its gonna be tough to find another whodunnit that measures up.

I did really like Sidney Poitier. He’s one of those actors that I’ve heard raves about but never really saw. After a quick IMDB-ing, the only thing I’ve seen him in is Sneakers.

Getting distracted now cause I hear Shark Tank in the background as Im waiting for DWTS, so I’ll wrap this up, even though it’ll be short.

The other point I want to make is that one thing I find really cool about this project is the classic quotes. I keep catching things I’ve heard before somewhere in pop culture that I can now place. This time it was “”They call me Mister Tibbs””. Not a quote I would have thought about, but upon hearing it I knew it was special. And there was this lead in, where I just knew he was gonna say something awesome, without any clue what it was. Sorry, Im not making sense. Im rushing. Guess that’s my cue to stop.”

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