Law Abiding Citizen

“I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I wont argue that it was a quality movie, but it was very much a Dawn movie. It was dark and suspenseful and intruging, though I woulda upped the action just a bit.

One thing that made it fun is I love rooting for the bad guy. No I dont root for him as a rule (ie I still pick John McClain over Hans Gruber, as awesome as he may be), but I like when your leading charcter is an antihero. It was murkier than a Dr Horrible situation (where the main guy is clearly the “”bad guy”” but in the context of the story, he’s the hero you support) but I love that. The whole time I was behind Gerard Butler’s character, wanting him to get his revenge and get his statement made. Although, Jamie Foxx wasnt as evil as the trailer made him out to be. And there was a point where I was a bit torn about who I wanted to win and how.

Side note cause I get distracted by shiny things. This “”light rain”” that I see falling outside my window is starting to look like heavy slushy snow. Sorta like God dumped out a pina colada Slurpee over Boston. Guess I made it home just in time. Lately I’ve taken to going to the theater in flip flops, so I can take ’em off and put my feet up on the bar or empty seat in front of me. Walking, er wildly running, back home I realized the flip flops weren’t such the best idea today. Sorry, back to the movie.

Loved Gerard Butler, even if his American accent was a bit dodgy. And given how his previous and recently release morally gray action film, Gamer, turned out I did kinda have zero hopes for Citizen, which prolly helped me like it so much. I’d been kinda scared for Jamie Foxx career wise cause from the outside this movie looks waaay beneath an Oscar winner. But he totally owned the role and I think his reputation should still be in tact. Huh. Just noticed Oscar nominee Viola Davis was in this too (and the lightbulb goes on in my head). Also really liked Leslie Bibb. She’s also had some questionable career choices, but I loved her strong, smart character.

Definitely recommend it if this type of movie is your thing. It aint gonna win any awards or nothing, but it at least earns high marks from me.

Law Abiding Citizen – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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