Bringing Up Baby (AFI #88)

“Im really cranking them out this weekend, aren’t I? This gives me hope that I’ll meet my end of the year arbitrary goal for finishing this thing.

Watched Bringing Up Baby this morning. Whenever I hear the title, it reminds me of Father of the Bride (the 1991 version with Steve Martin), which is one of my ultimate favorite movies ever. I can’t even begin to count how many times I watched that when I was little. Anne says that she met her fiancee Brian at a showing of Bringing Up Baby. They were the only two people in the theater, and they kept hearing each other laugh at all the same places.

To be honest, I didnt really care too much for it. I like farces (case in point, nothing is likely to ever top A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forvm as my favorite musical), but I dont like it when they get so awkward that you feel the characters’ embarassment to the point that its painful. And this one got ridiculously complicated and way too far fetched (leopards? seriously??). I was with it for the first half, and I thought things were pretty outta control then. But it got even more insane and just lost me.

I do love Cary Grant, but I love him as the suave leading man (like in Philadelphia Story…thats on the list for later). This time he was more Clark Kent than Superman, and while I normally like loveable and bumbling dorks, it just didnt suit him. Katherine Hepburn annoyed me at first. I think it was mostly the way she was talking non-stop, and everything she said was wrong and Grant couldnt get a word in to correct her. She did grow on me eventually.

Overall the movie was cute, but not really my style.”

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