One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (AFI #33)

“I was incredibly distracted during this viewing, which prolly didnt do the movie justice. First, about 15 minutes in a fire alarm goes off in the apartment building. After a few minutes I decided to bag the cat and head downstairs. Not too long after the firemen gave the all clear. Buuut they didnt have access to turn off the alarm. So for a good hour of the movie, it was blaring really \m/ loud.

Then maybe 20 min after I’d settled back in to watch the film after coming back in, I get an email from the person who I was supposta adopt a second cat from. After she’d blown me off a few times and pushed back the kitty drop off, leaving me with back to back weekends home like a lame ass cause I’d cleared them, she decides that she’d rather give the cat somewhere she’d be an “”only child””. That got me pissed off because I’d already gotten in a bit deep with the cat prep. So I spent most of the rest of the movie seething, trying to figure out how best to respond to get the point across that Im upset without being rude about it. Now Im thinking I’ll wait til next month and go thru a shelter.

Anyways, just giving ya’ll my excuses for why this review might not be too comprehensive. Onward.

I thought it was a really good character piece. There’s something that always grabs me about characters with mental illness. They just have a special place in my heart I guess. (yeah yeah save your comparison comments) And I loved each one of them including Christopher Lloyd in his cinematical debut and an unrecognizable (at least I didnt realize it was him) Danny Devito. Nicholson was good too, but I much prefered him in this morning’s Chinatown.

My one disappointment was that I’d heard Louise Fletcher’s Nurse Ratched was supposed to be one of the greatest villains of all time. While she played the role perfectly, I was mildly unimpressed with the character. Maybe growing up in Catholic school kinda desensitized me to the reserved strict type.

I did kinda lose interest for a bit towards the end of the second hour (running time is about 2:10 until the credits) I attribute that mostly to the previously mentioned distractions.

Also worth pointing out, for those of you who want to add to your movie trivia, this is the second of 3 movies to ever get a “”grand slam”” at the Oscars–best picture, best director, best actor and actress, best screenplay. The other two being It Happened One Night and Silence of the Lambs. Both of them are on the AFI list so I’ll get to ’em sometime soon.

That concludes today’s actual movie watching. I’ll prolly get in another disc or so of the Sarah Connor Chronicles before bed. Tomorrow’s plan includes Law Abiding Citizen (most likely) and another AFI Amazon rental.”

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