Iron Man 2

“‘Bout freakin’ time I make it over to Iron Man 2. Waiting nearly 2 weeks for the first big movie of the summer is unheard of for me. I can’t even remember the last time I delayed summer movie season. I blame Mom. Although, of course, today she says I could have gone anytime I wanted, I really couldnt’ve. So I put her on a plane this morning, and this afternoon was at the movies.

While its rare that I’ll see a non-indie movie at a theater other than the Regal Fenway, I decided to go to the AMC Loews Boston Common. Reason being that they have a new IMAX auditorium, or should I say “”IMAX””. Yeah, it turned out being one of those fake ones, which is what I suspected. How can an IMAX be fake, you ask? I’d actually heard about these a while back, and was somewhat morally outraged over them. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word IMAX? Prolly the giant-ass screen, yeah? Well these dont have a giant-ass screen. Yes, the screen is somewhat larger than usual, but it was still less than half the size of a real IMAX. So why call it an IMAX? Slightly bigger screen, even higher definition picture, rumbling speakers in the seats, high quality audio. If that’s the direction movies are headed, great. However, I dont feel justified in paying an extra 5 dollars for that. Yeah, you heard me. They charge extra of course (again, expected). Was it worth it? No. The best picture quality was during the trailers. Kinda like what often happens with me with 3D movies, once we got past the first 20 minutes I really wasn’t noticing anything too special about the screen. I think my biggest point of contention is again the lack of aforementioned giant-ass screen. That’s the novelty of IMAX. If you’re gonna do these uber quality film screening thing, pleaes give it another name. But if I want real IMAX, I’ll stick to going to Jordans. They have Fuddruckers downstairs.

Now that the “”IMAX”” rant is out of the way. How was Iron Man 2 itself? Decent. Not quite the big bang I usually expect to start my summer. I think part of the awesome that was Iron Man 1 is that it was very unexpected. Not too many people knew much about this obscure Marvel hero. Robert Downey Jr hadn’t fully reemerged from his, shall we say, dark period. But it all ended up kicking major ass. This time, it was all very much expected, and very much expected is what was delivered. RDJr was suave while clevery narcissistic (spelling?). Shit got blowed up. There was some fuzzy science. Nothing we didnt really see coming.

What I most approve of this time around is the addition of Sam Rockwell to the ensemble, as baddie Justin Hammer. Rockwell has been on my fave list since Choke (speaking of, nice to see Clark Gregg as well). He played awkward yet slightly deranged quite well here. Side note: really psyched to see Rockwell play opposite Christopher Walken in Behanding in Spokane on b’way. Will be going there on the 29th.

RDJr was great at playing RDJr x10. Although I hafta say, as a bit of a nerd myself, this single sequence I found him hottest in was when he was, hmm trying to phrase this without spoilage, engineering something. As bad ass as he his kicking butt and taking names or smooth talking like the best of ’em, super smart = super sexy every time.

While on the subject of nerd stuff, one disappointment that Im sure the rest of my fellow beavers (you’re likely included in that group if you know what it means. For the rest of you, that’s MIT’s mascot) will feel with me. One of the greatest subtle surprises in Iron Man 1 was the screen time that Stark and Rhodey’s brass rats got (non-beavers, thats our class ring). I remember hearing about it before seeing the film last time, and just being on pins and needles waiting for it. Stark’s was kinda subtle but Rhodey’s was a lot more blatant. This time, not only was there no money shot of the rat, but the ring Rhodey was wearing clearly wasn’t a rat. It looked like your typical class ring with the big heaping stone on it. Sadness.

Anyways, getting tired now, so wrapping it up. Decent start to the summer, but considering the lead in we got from April I was expecting more. Although there was a trailer for Inception that just looks \m/ awesome. Can’t wait

Iron Man 2 – \m/ \m/ \m/

The Losers

“Funny how staying out until nearly 3 AM, pushes back the start of your day until noon. Any other Saturday, and I woulda managed an AFI in the morning. Whoops.

Still managed to drag my lazy ass over to The Losers, for the last matinee show of the day. Its not so much the three bucks I save that motivates me, its knowing I’m have a personal bubble of empty seats next to me and in front of me (Im a feet putter upper).

Did very much enjoy the movie, although there wasnt anything particularly special about it. No complaints, but no major commendations either. Pretty standard plot. Good characters, that I very much loved. Decent action scenes. But nothing that’s gonna result in me telling everyone I meet that they need to see this one.

The one semi-complaint is that while it tried to partly pass as an action comedy, the comedy wasn’t very comedic. That made so sense cause I was trying to sound clever. Fail. There were definitely some one liners and gags here and there that were supposta get a laugh. Few did. But, at the same time, they were successful in establishing a lighter vibe than if this were going for a hardcore action film (which it would have failed at miserably). There was actually something kinda charming about that element.

I do think the movie was pretty well cast. Im not sure how I feel about Zoe Saldana appearing in EVERYTHING lately, but I was def happy with the boys. In particular, LOVE Chris Evans. And the nerdy edge he got from the goatee and glasses was _really_ working for me. Really liked Óscar Jaenada, as well, who I dont think I’ve previously encountered. His shy yet suave combination was actually distracting me from Evans–no small feat. Jeffrey Dean Morgan seemed very much in his element, and I also came to love Columbus Short.

Yeah so kinda drawing a blank on what else to say. Again, nothing in particular really stood out too far on either end of the spectrum. Enjoyable if this sorta movie is your thing, but not something you’d need to prioritize.

The Losers – \m/ \m/ \m/

Date Night

“Since we last spoke…

Really wanted to get an AFI in after Dragon. But I was falling asleep while I was doing my dance thing (as in I was moving, yet my eyes were closing) and I figured it wouldnt even be worth attempting. So what happens? I end up staying awake thru both Shorts and An Education. Go figure.

Monday was DWTS, and they had a movie night thing. Fave dances featured Pulp Fiction, Risky Business, and Pretty Woman

Tuesday, I saw 30 Seconds to Mars which was oh my God one of my all time best concert experiences ever. Those of you who have me on FB got some of the details from my giddy status update afterwards. Besides them being a rocking band with a damn good live show, Jared Leto (*swoon* like whoa) was great with the audience interaction thing. While the rest of the band distracted during an instrumental bit, he snuck his way to the back of the crowd for a song or two. Then went thru the crowd to get back to the front, hanging out for more than half of “”The Kill””. I pawed at him as much as I could. Then the band actually hung around to sign shit afterwards. No headlining band at that size venue ever does that. Granted, it was kinda rushed thru. One item, no pictures, minimal interaction, but still awesome of them. I managed a two sentance interaction with Jared as he signed my shirt “”I love you movies too”” “”thank you”” and I’ve been on a high ever since. Once I sort thru my low quality pix and video I may post some here.

Yesterday had to take care of some apartment stuff. Watched The Invention of Lying and The Informant! in the background.

Tonight was Date Night, as in the movie, not an actual date night for me. Even though I rarely go to AMC theaters anymore, I’d managed to rack up 100 points on my card last January and got a “”free night at the movies”” freebie which is a movie ticket, popcorn, and soda. Even though I dont care much for the Common (will spare that rant, although add “”the bathrooms reek of piss”” to my long list of complaints cause ew they were gross tonight) the location is much more conveniant than the Harvard theater. So that’s where I went. And of course, no one could figure out how to ring up my ticket, and I had to argue with 3 people that I was supposta get snacks too. The third person finally understood, but was almost too lazy to go get the coupon for me. She finally did and its a little certificate thingy with a tear off for each of those items. And she gave that to me after I’d gotten my ticket. And it doesnt expire until January. That means I essentially got a second free movie (which I feel no remorse about cause I’ve defintely let AMC free tickets expire before), I have months to use it, and I figured I didnt need the snacks tonight so I got that saved for later to. Go me.

And of course, I’ve wasted all this time typing out backstory before I even get into the movie and my wrists are starting to bother me. Crap. Might need to keep this short. Sorry peeps.

Date Night was very much a win in my book. Comedy, action, all around top notch. Love Tina Fey. Can I be her when I grow up? And pairing her with Steve Carel. was genius. The two of them make a believable and utterly hilarious couple. Fantastic performances from the two of them, as should be expected.

While on the subject of the cast, lots of great appearances from other faves. Hadnt known Mark Wahlberg was in this, and there was quite a lot of him (with not a lot of clothing! *grin*). Absolutely no complaints from me there. James Franco and Mila Kunis, two others who are high on my approval list, also making small yet fantastically fun appearances. Ray Liotta playing Ray Liotta, err I mean, playing a gangster. Prison Break’s William Fichtner was there too, as was Taraji P Henson, Mark Ruffalo, and Kristin Wiig (seriously, is she in _every_ comedy released this year?)

The story was simple, but effective. I cared enough about the characters that I was feeling the suspense right with him. The structure was very streamlined, yet satisfying–a difficult feat for a comedy or an action film, even though this qualifies waaay more for the former than the latter. There were only two bits I felt might’ve gone on a bit long (the car crash and the dancing) but thats just me being picky cause the rest of the crowd was in stitches.

Im actually very surprised, and frankly quite happy, that the more recent April flicks have been very good. If April is when you release the movies that dont quite make the cut for summer, that does give me some high hopes for my favorite movie season of the year. There’s definitely some shit Im really looking forward to, so here’s hoping the summer doesnt disappoint.

Date Night – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

How to Train Your Dragon

“I know, Im waaay behind (by my standards at least) in seeing this movie. Here’s my chronological list of excuses. First, I planned to see it opening weekend. I got back in town from Texas trip 2010 #1 the day it opened, and I woulda had plenty of time for a matinee before the Spurs/Celts game that Sunday. But, the roomie wanted me to see it with her, and for a few different reasons that was gonna hafta get postponed a bit. The day before I leave for Texas trip 2010 #2, she comes home and announces that she just saw it with her bf. So I resolved to take my baby cousin to see it while I was at home. But then the timing didnt work out. The only chance we woulda had to go was on Monday night, and thats DWTS night for me. No, I didnt totally abandon family, so I had said baby cousin come over to watch the show with me. She couldnt have been less interested. Decided I’d just go during the week this past week, but the roomie wanted to see it again so we agreed to postpone it til the weekend. All of that worked out rather well in the end cause I had to go buy some furniture. So that meant I was gonna head over to Jordan’s Furniture this afternoon, which just so happens to have an IMAX theater in it that is currently playing Dragon. Yes, so bit delayed, but oh so very much worth the wait.

I thought that overall it was a \m/ good movie. And this isnt just an inverse expectations thing. I had actually high expectations from all the buzz I’d been hearing, and for once it actually measured up. Im not even sure where to start gushing.

Great characters, on so many levels. For one, Im pretty big on Vikings, given that’s half of my heritage (Hispanic being the other). And its also the half I wasnt immersed in growing up, so I do have a genuine interest in it. From the comment early on about how stubborn Vikings are (which is dead on if my daddy and I are any indication) I knew I was in for somethin’ good. Absolutely adored Hiccup. Very relatable, funny, sweet, and perfectly cast by Jay Baruchel. Also pleased to see, er I mean hear, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (making his second appearance this weekend for me), Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, and Craig Ferguson.

The dragon characters were fantastic as well. A friend of mine told me that for her, as a cat owner, the movie took on a whole new level. I hafta concur with that. Toothless very much reminded me of my younger cat, Nosferatu.

Was also rather impressed with the story. Yes, its kinda basic, but they did have me in suspense at key moments. There were also some twists I didnt see coming, which given how many movies I see, its hard to surprise me. Great dialogue too. Its so easy to just have throwaway lines in a kiddie movie, but it was quotably good.

The visual was phenomenal. Yes, the extra depth from the third dimension was worth it, and there was some fun with things like ashes and such appearing to fall over the audience. I loved how expressive the characters were animated, and some of the dragons (especially in closeup) were absolutely gorgeous.

Guess it goes without saying at this point, but def recommend this one, especially to those of you with kids and/or a Peter Pan complex.

How to Train Your Dragon – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/


“You know how I know summer movie season is right around the corner? The movies at the theater have left “”No way in hell””, passed “”Do I hafta?””, moved forward from “”Yes please”” and are now starting to hit “”OMG CAN I SEE THIS NOW?!””. Kick-Ass falls in that latest category, as I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Did it measure up? Yeah, Id say so.

Those of you who have a decent handle on my movie taste shouldnt be too surprised by my sentiments towards this, as it was very much a “”Dawn movie””. There was violence, and it was gratuitous, comic, and extra rare steak kinda bloody. There was comedy, and it was quotable, crude, and capable of inducing loud laughs outta this quiet little mouse. Yeah you really just need a decent helping of those two overarching categories and Im all set.

Beyond that, loved the characters. Kick Ass was sympathetic and relatable, I wanna hang out with Red Mist, and I wanna be Hit Girl (def considering it for a possible Halloween costume). They were all very well cast. Double bonus points for Christopher Mintz-Plasse for taking a few steps away from McLovin’ typecasting with a slightly less awkward character, and for generally being awesome. Will also give Nic Cage props for not annoying me as he often tends to do. According to IMDB trivia, some of the better gags for his character were his ideas.

Felt like they did a good job incorporating the whole comic book thing, especially the way they did the sequence for the Hit Girl/Big Daddy backstory. Really need to get my hands on the source material. Been a while since I last read a graphic novel and/or comic book so Im a bit overdue.

So yeah, all rock hands up in the air for this one. Gonna anxiously await the Blu-Ray so I can see it again

Kick-Ass – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

Clash of the Titans

“Ah yes, the dreaded April action movie. The attempted blockbuster that doesnt quite have what it takes to be released a month later, when its officially summer season movie wise. I knew to expect nothing going into this one. Was somewhat tempted to skip it, but we all know that was never gonna happen.

What also didnt help was that the guy behind me while waiting for the ticket taker mentioned to his movie buddy that the 3D in the movie was gonna suck because it was originally intended and shot as a 2d movie. \m/. I’d forgotten that fact, and I was hypercritical of the third dimension the whole time. But the truth is, no it was not worth it. You know how if you take off the glasses, the screen looks blurry, and however blurry it is is proportional to the effects. In other words, a really detailed 3D scene will be really blurry. The picture looked pretty clear a lot of times I took off the glasses. Not good. It was not noticable at all. On the upside, at least it wasnt headache inducing as last minute 3D often is. Or maybe its just that the movie was putting me to sleep.

Yeah, it was all just dull. I dont know what it was. I did like the characters, which was an easy win for them because of course Im gonna love mythological peeps. I guess the story just wasnt anything too special. And there’s the added fact that I dont know my mythology as well as I’d like. Yup, thats another one of those I-should-study-up-on-this-subject comments that Im never gonna actually do. My usual one is I should study up on WWII. Moving on.

The action scenes left a lot to be desired. Im very much an action junkie, so if those scenes were the ones putting me most to sleep, we got a major \m/ problem. There was one good fight towards the end-ish but it didnt come close to making up for the rest of ’em.

The comment I have about the cast is that I didnt recognize most of the actors I should have. Yes I caught Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Alexa Davalos, and Nicholas Hoult (although I didnt remember his name and referred to him in my head as the cute guy from A Single Man) but I totally didnt catch Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, or Jason Flemyng. I mean, yes, I did see they were there, but I didnt realize who they were. Bad movie afficionado. *slap on the wrist*. Also, it hurt my soul a little bit to see Liam Neeson (and Ralph Fiennes when I realized it) doing a movie so beneath him.

I know this is a movie that you pretty much know what you’re getting into if you do decide to see it, which an unfortunate number of ya’ll prolly will. My only advice is that I’d recommend spending the extra 3 bucks supersizing your snacks for a 2D showing. At least you’ll get some extra M&M’s out of it.

Clash of the Titans – \m/ \n

Repo Men

“Hello there, gentle readers. I hope there’s still some of you out there. Apologies for the unexpected hiatus. Shit happened that I had to deal with. Been on the fence about how full disclosure I wanna be about it. Not that it something I need to hide, but at this time I dont feel my movie blog is the appropriate venue to discuss. Nothing to worry about. Life goes on.

I actually got to go see this Repo Men on Thur, but am just now getting around to doing the write up. Not sure if Ive mentioned this before (I feel I must’ve) but Im now on a later schedule at work. Im in from 11-7, and how that affects my movie-ing is that I typically can’t make it back in time for showings in the 7:00 hour, but I can go to a 10:00 hour one and make it back before bedtime. Downside is its either bedtime on time or immediate write up. Since then, I’ve realized after the fact that I had time to do it. Sort of a “”hey that 30 minutes that just went by, woulda been great”” So, sittin’ down and hittin’ it now.

I’d been really disappointed that life got in the way of seeing Repo Men right away. I’d been really psyched for it. Sadly, extended excitement equalled extra disappointment (dammit, couldnt think of a synonym started with “”e””). The pacing and structure sorta killed it a bit for me. Given that’s been my typically complaint lately, it makes me wonder if Im just getting too picky about movies or there really have been that many with that issue.

So, why was I stoked for the movie to begin with? I love shoot ’em ups. No secret there. ‘Specially love ’em when they’ve got an interesting premise. Bonus points if its a messed up on. Add a very promising cast on top of that (Jude Law, Forrest Whitaker, Liev Schriber) and you got a very good formula for a possible Dawn movie, and it was to some extent.

The first bit of it was very quick and streamlined, which is typically a good thing. You dont have too much excess and dont spend needless time on scenes people couldnt give a \m/ about. But, care needs to be taken that the movie doesnt feel like it has a false ending. I thought we were reaching the end, then I looked at my watch and realized we had another hour to go. If you dont quite get what Im describing, a classic example is Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. THe last 45 minutes had like 10 places where you thought the movie was ending. You get mentally prepared for it to be over, tie up the lose ends in your head (or justify why they’re there), and start thinking of what snack is waiting for you at home. But instead you realize its not over yet, and it takes a lot of effort to reengage. Or maybe Im the only one. Either way, there were several times it felt like it was building to an end, and each was harder to come back from than the last.

The action scenes didnt disappoint, except maybe for their quantity. I really coulda used a few more. Word of caution: this film is definitely not for the squeamish. I’m pretty tough when it comes to that sorta thing, so if I was getting borderline grossed out that tells you something right there. Bear that in mind if you’re sensitive to that stuff.

No complaints about the cast either, but not really much special to say about ’em.

Anyhoo I guess thats all the majors for Repo Men. I think I might like it better on a second watch, once I know what Im in for. Unclear how Im gonna proceed movie wise this weekend. I should try to get in a couple AFI’s but Im lacking motivation. Im taking off for my cousin’s wedding next weekend so that’s also gonna put a major halt on the movies. Hopefully after that I really will get back on track and finish that damn project already. Im so close.

Repo Men – \m/ \m/ \n

Green Zone

“Days like today are when its a bad thing living so close to the theater. I figure, its only two blocks, so I dont think too much of running out in the freezing and pouring rain with just one extra layer. Its when Im past the point of no return, waiting in the middle of the road for traffic to pass, that I realize that maybe it wasn’t the best idea to leave the Hellmouth. Whoops.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Matt Damon, I really dont think I woulda bothered with Green Zone. The trailer reminded me too much of The Kingdom from a couple years ago. But Matt Damon can put just about anything on my high priority movie list. So I ran out in the previously mentioned freezing rain.

The jury’s still out on whether or not it was worth it. Thankfully, it was much better than The Kingdom. But it was nowhere near the awesome of The Hurt Locker, not that I had any expectations of it approaching that level. I was thinking on it at one point while I was spacing out, and one of the things that made Locker so great was that it completely left out the politics. It was all about the soldiers. Green Zone had a somewhat complicated (or at least it seemed that way to me) government corruption plot, that I couldnt quite get into. Scenes that were more focused on the characters are what I better connected with.

Speaking of characters, did like Matt Damon’s conscience driven soldier. And Damon’s performance was effortless, but the movie felt somewhat beneath him. My fave character, however, was Freddy–the Iraqi national helping out the Americans. Something about him just had me captivated, and those were the scenes I was really invested in. Happy to see Greg Kinnear, particularly in a more serious role than Im used to for him.

I dunno, I dont really think I gained too much by risking catching a cold from catching this movie today. Guess its kinda easy to figure out why the release of this movie was so delayed, yeah?

Green Zone – \m/ \m/

Alice in Wonderland

“Back in January, I took the roomie to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science as a Christmas/bday present. She was determined to take me on a similar outting for my bday. I pondered for about a month and couldnt think of anything suitable that I was really excited about. Then I got an email from Jordans Furniture about Alice in Wonderland, and thus we had our plan.

I hadnt been to the IMAX since The Dark Knight, which I saw twice there (in addition to once at the theater). I’d wanted to go see Star Trek there last year, but I never quite got my act together. This was the first 3D movie at the IMAX for me.

As far as the experience, worth it in the sense that I’d been jonesing to go again. Was there much gained from this movie being on the ginormous screen? Not really. And the extra dimension? Eh. Both certainly didnt hurt the film, but I think my feelings toward it woulda been about the same had I just gone down the street to the Regal Fenway.

It started off pretty strong. I loved Alice’s character early on: quirky, independant, strongwilled. The setting was gorgeous, and even more so once she got into wonderland. And the sense of adventure was quite invigorating. Then it just sorta fell flat somewhere. The pacing dropped and a lot of the sense of wonder drifted.

I’d gotten really excited a couple weeks ago when I realized that this was more of a trip back to wonderland sort of thing. Reminded me of the video game Alice that was about her returning to a \m/ up wonderland. The concept for the game was amazing, but it ended up being too easy. Got thru it in three days. Now, I didnt expect this movie to be as hardcore as that (that Alice weilds a knife and other deadly weapons, dabbles in black magic, and is often covered in blood) but I was still uber stoked. Wasn’t sure how I felt about including the jabberwocky, but when Johnny Depp started reciting the poem I marked it in the win column.

Loved the cast. There are never words to describe Johnny Depp, but I dont think I need to. Not as iconic as some of his other roles, but brilliant nontheless. Really impressed with Mia Wasikowska. Didnt expect Crispin Glover, but was ridiculously happen when I saw him. Even though I found her a bit annoying, I did like Helena Bonham Carter’s interperation of the red queen. Id read somewhere that she based the character on her 2 year old, and it was a great fit. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with Anne Hathaway. C’mon, the girl got lessons in being a princess/queen from Julie Andrews, but I couldnt get past some of the weird physicality she had.

Guess that about does it. Worth a watch, but maybe not worth the effort for anything fancy. The traditional 2D screen should be just as good as a fancy one.

Alice in Wonderland – \m/ \m/ \m/

The Ghost Writer

“Write up on Unforgiven is gonna wait til during the commercials during the Academy Awards. Partly cause Im still hoping for a chance to re-watch the last 30 min that I totally spaced on. I woulda waited on The Ghost Writer til then as well, but one of the advantages to going to a theater that’s a 30 min walk away is that the trek back is prime for thinking on what I wanna write. So while its still all fresh…

Waiting for the movie to start, one of the things running through my head is how much I love Boston. The impetus for that thought this time around is that I love how accesible movies are. True, its not as rocking for that as LA or NY would be, but just two weeks ago those were the only two cities even showing this movie. If I were still back home, there’s no way I woulda ever seen this one, and no way I coulda seen all the major players in the Oscars this year.

Kinda ironic I was having that thought before diving into a film which was set in New England. Yeah it was a very fake New England, but hey whatcha gonna do when your director isn’t allowed to set foot on US soil? Ah yes, now that we’ve made that segue–Roman Polanski. He might be considered a cowardly creep of a person, but as a director that man \m/ knows his shit. There were some times when I thought the pacing was a bit slow, but I just let myself trust his expertise and went with it.

The movie was suspenseful, but a very slow suspense. I can best liken it to my hazy memory of Michael Clayton (although that may just be due to Tom Wilkinson appearing in both), but at least The Ghost Writer made more sense to me. As far as the mystery of it, cause we all know how much I like solving those, it was kinda strange. I picked up on some things very early and essentially figured out the who (and also guessed how our hero would come to that same conclusion), but could hardly grasp actual concept of what the mystery was. That meant I had no clue on the why, and didnt even realize I’d solved most of it. Strangely, that did end up being rather satisfying, far more than I would have expected. And I wont go into any detail, but the last 30 seconds was probably one of the best executed endings I’ve ever seen. It seriously took less than a minute to take me from feeling “”meh”” about the film to “”that was awesome!””

Great great cast. I love Ewan McGregor and all his charm. Happily, there was quite a bit of that. From his reaction to reading the first draft of the manuscript, to the line he delivered buying his ferry ticket (Im being cryptic, I know), I was with him all the way. Also adore Pierce Brosnan, and his perfect mix of arrogance and grace.

Ultimately, quite a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Given that there aren’t many viable options at the mainstream theaters (in my head Alice in Wonderland doesnt open til next week, cause thats when Im going…IMAX 3D, baby!) I’d definitely give this one a recommendation. My only word of caution is to be prepared for the slow suspense style. It can be a bit of a letdown if you’re expecting a faster pace.

The Ghost Writer – \m/ \m/ \m/