Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (AFI #34)

“Really trying to focus so I can do this write up, but its frickin’ hard to concentrate when Nosferatu is going nutso around the apartment chasing a fly. So cute!!

There was a slight hiccup to the start of the movie. I had it on a hand me down VHS, that IM not sure I’d ever even watched–now Lestat’s joining in on the fly chasing…sorry–so anyways I put the tape in the VCR and its not quite working. Adjusted the tracking to no avail. Its times like these that Im ridiculously happy to live 2 blocks from a Best Buy. Also quite lucky that Snow White wasn’t currently in the “”Disney vault”” ( still disagree with that policy, BTW) so I was able to just run over and pick it up. I woulda been quite the sad panda if this plan had been foiled.

I can’t remember the last time I’d seen this one, but it musta been when my age was in single digits. Even though Im 25 now, I still love classic Disney. Although, Im much more fond of the second golden age (Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, etc) than the original classics.

Also, you know how I’ve said before that I dont typically go for slapstick comedy? The exception to the rule is animated slapstick. I fall for that every time. So it should be quite easy to guess which dwarf is my favorite Yep, that’d be Dopey.

Should also not come as a surprise that I dont care for Snow White herself that much. She is faaaar too much of a girlie girl for my taste. I do believe in girl power (to some extent, Im not a feminazi or anything extreme) so on some level I do find her airheadedness and one track mindness a bit disgusting. Luckily the more recent ones have been much more layered. My fave Disney princess would be Jasmine (mostly cause she’s Aladdin’s girl), but you gotta admit she is quite tough and strongwilled in her own right. Ariel comes next on my list, but the one I have the most respect for would be Mulan. Why is she always left outta the princess stuff? Love Belle for being nerdy, and most recently, very much admire Tianna’s work ethic. I love that there is a princess out there who worked for her goal and didnt just sit there singing and wishing.

The other thing I was thinking is how much more fitting would it have been that if instead of the evil queen dying, it turns out her ugly spell was irreversible? Poetic justice trumps unimaginitive death any day.

The end is in sight. That was the last of the bottom 90. But before I can start to think about the top ten, Lost finale tonight!!”

The General (AFI #18)

“It was a silent. I dont like those. For \m/ sake I couldnt even get into Nosferatu. And I wanna watch more Lost.

I promise, when I hit the top ten (one more to go), I’ll be more comprehensive with my write ups.”

The Philadelphia Story (AFI #44)

“Managed to sneak in another AFI while mom’s still here (3 more days). We had our whole Sun afternoon ahead of us, so I figured it was a good opportunity…and I fell asleep halfway thru, with one cat snuggled up along one leg, and the other cat along the other. Luckily I’d seen this before.

I first had to watch The Philadelphia Story for my comedy literature class some time back. I’d mentioned it before when we came across other flicks from the class on the list (City Lights, Duck Soup). This was one that I gave me zero interest going in, and then I ended up loving it. We’ve established by now that screwball comedies and old rom coms just aint my bag baby. But this one is gorgeous. I really dont know what it is that draws me to it.

I’d actually been excited about rewatching it. Dont know why it took me til the end of the road to get to it.

I should write more, but again, fell asleep. And I also decided to marathon S6 of Lost this week, so Im antsy to start that.”

The French Connection (AFI #93)

“Happy mothers day, to any mommies who might be reading this. I actually just got back from taking mine (who’s visting me in Beantown for two weeks) to NYC for the weekend. Her Mom’s day present was that I took her to Phantom of the Opera, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I got no complaints about it, but woulda preferred to be at American Idiot (which was just across the street). Thats not a statement about Phantom, thats a statement about Idiot.

BTW, as we were leaving NYC, I saw a guy outside a sandwich shop on 44th that I thought was Michael Esper (Idiot’s Will). Just as I convince myself that it couldnt be him, John Gallagher Jr (Idiot’s Jesus of Suburbia) walks right by me. He was jabbering away on his cell so I doubt my existence even registered on his radar, but it totally made my day.

Right, movie, that’s why we’re here on this blog. I’d realized in the past few days that even though much of my time has been spent entertaining mom, we usually do manage to sit down at the end of the day for a movie. So I thought I’d be able to manage an AFI. Well…

I did manage to sit down for it, but mom was puttering around unpacking and distracting me. Then we ordered some Chinese food that distracted me even more. By the time I finally sat down to watch, I had no clue what was going on.

That said, that whole subway chase thing was really cool. Didnt need to know any of the players or details to appreciate that bit.

Might give the AFI thing another go later this week, just need to think it thru a wee bit more”

ET (AFI #24)

“This movie deserves such a better and more thoughtful write up than Im ’bout to give it. For that matter, it deserved a much more attentive watch than I gave it yesterday. I thought if I went with something familiar while puttering around I wouldnt miss too much. That was a fail.

But I really do love this movie. I remember watching it over and over when I was little, although I couldnt really handle the end-ish when ET and Elliot get sick. I also remember one Christmas when they had an ET photo set up thing at Montgomery Wards. You’d sit on a bike with a little ET in the basket, and there was a starry background. And since my parents never believed in me taking any sorta “”good”” pictures in anything but my nicest clothes, I wore my green velveteen Christmas dress from that year. Also, one of the few memories I have from Disneyworld in first grade was the ET ride. I was in the middle seat, so I had the ET basket.

They rereleased it in theaters when I was in high school. That was during hte point in time when me and my so called friends would loiter at IHOP, making Rorschach tests out of syrup and napkins, and artwork sculptures out of silverware. Some “”ET phone home”” reference led to us deciding to check out the movie the next day. I wasn’t too impressed with the revamp, but the movie itself still inspired warm fuzzies.

I love how I still laugh with every scene Drew Barrymore steals, and how adorably and perfectly puppeted ET was, and how sweet and innocent Elliot is. I was paying enough attention to pause what I was doing just in time to catch some of my fave parts–alligators in the sewers, Elliot faking sick, ET playing dress up. So good.

Momentarily entertained the thought of getting in one of the uber short AFI’s in tonight after DWTS. But I had to take care of paying mom’s bills for this month and helping her get some of that shit settled, which is another thing that postponed this write up”

Bridge on the River Kwai (AFI #36)

“This is gonna be short. Im on a roll in my room cleanup, and I dont wanna interrupt it for too long.

Back when I started this list, I wouldnt have dared put on a movie unless I was sitting in front of it, giving it my undivided. Now Im so desperate to finish up that I’ve got it in on the background while doing housework. Oh wells.

What I did find interesting was that while this was a dramatic film, it felt very light without venturing into comic. Kinda interesting for a WWII flick. Or maybe I was just paying most attention at all the wrong places.”

Dr Strangelove: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (AFI #39)

“First off, I saw American Idiot yesterday and OMG it was awesome. I’ll prolly post an “”Expletive Dleted Special Edition”” write up on it later on today or tomorrow.

But for now, my goal today is to get thru 3 AFI movies and somehow fit in laundry, groceries, and cleaning up my room. My mom’s gonna be here for two weeks starting Wed so Im thinking that’s gonna put a hold on most of my movie watching. I swear, I’ll get thru it all one day.

Jumped right into the movies this morning with Dr Strangelove. When first looking at the somewhat intimidating list of 100 movies I was gonna be watching during the next few months, there were the ones I was excited about and the ones I was concerned about. The most disconcerting ones, however, were the few that I had seen before and didnt enjoy. Dr Strangelove is one of those. Blasphemy, I know. Bite me.

I’d always heard what an amazing and hysterical film this was, so a couple years ago, I put it on my X-mas list. I think it took me about 4 or 5 tries to get thru it, cause I kept falling asleep (bear in mind, its only a 90 min movie). I gave it a second chance about a year or so ago, and still couldnt get into it. I just never found it funny.

Watching it today, I could kinda see where the humor was coming from, and I think a big problem was my expectations. Its not the sort of thing Im used to, mostly cause it aint the sorta thing I go for. But at least this time around, I was at least able to understand that a bit.

One of the biggest points of the movie is that its a great showcase of Peter Sellers’ acting talents, in the many roles he plays. And I will definitely give him that win. Granted, the two previous times I watched I wasn’t paying much attention (and I’ll admit to the same for this morning’s viewing) but today I still had some “”hey that’s him again!”” moments.

Anyways, at least I got one of my big hurdles crossed off.”

West Side Story (AFI #51)

“Movie’s still goin’ but its sleepy time as soon as its over, and its not like I dont know how it ends. Most of you know Im very much into musical theater, so it should come as no surprise to the few of you who didnt already know that yes I have been involved in a production of West Side Story. Just an ensemble bit. Mostly stood around in the background. But suffice it to say I know the show pretty damn well. As far as the movie, I have very conflicted feelings.

On the one hand, its got the same fantastic music, and the dancing even more so. Back when I took a musical theater workshop class junior year, we learned the same Jerome Robbins choreo for “”Cool””, which is some of the most fun dancing I’ve ever done. And we’ve established Im a dancer, so I know what Im talkin’ bout there. Then on the other hand, the film has some serious miscasts and a little too much cheese in some places. Although would I feel the same way about the cast if I wasnt so attached to my cast of Jets, some of whom are still some of my best friends in the world? I dont know. But I do know that Natalie Wood’s godawful accent will forever be \m/ nails on chalkboard to me.

Yeah, so more than anything else, this movie is just all about theater nostalgia for me. I could go into that further, and start saying things like “”…the audience for actually caring about the love story”” or “”Is the mirror gonna stay black?”” or go really old school (and before my time) with “”We all shot Chino…shit…Tony”” but there’s only a handful of you who’d appreciate that. And its not entirely movie relevant.”

Intolerance (AFI #49)

So it turns out, when they call this one a silent movie, they literally mean that. Not even a musical score. I tried so hard, but Im not built to handle three hours of that. -3 movie lover badass points.

The African Queen (AFI #65)

“Given that I tweeted last night that I was gonna watch this movie, combined with my usual track record, but my write up is just now being posted, I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out what happened.

Interesting scenario, but seemed kinda slow. Although I was very much amused by how overly formal the character’s interactions were. Then again, that’s something that’s stood out to me with all the older AFI films. I just cant get my head around calling a peer “”Mr”” or “”Miss””, even if we did just meet.

Non-sequeter comment. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Bogie in color. I find him more charming in B & W.

Im anxious to run out on a movie aquisition expedition. Best Buy Fenway was sold out of Minority Report on Blu-Ray so Im walking over to the Back Bay location, and will likely swing by Newbury while Im there. So cutting this write up short. I know, my AFI ones have gotten worse and worse as far as content. To be honest, I really just wanna be done with the damn project. Its gone on way too long. I’ve enjoyed it, but its feeling more and more like a chore with each movie I watch. Thats not supposta happen.”